Vetiver Farms LLC - Sustainable Engineering Solutions
Recent Clients include;
The United States Navy PMRF
Maui County Solid Waste 
French Polynesian Highway Department
and many protected ohanas of the Hawaiian Islands

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"It looks fabulous! Mahalo to one and all for the hard work and professional skill shown throughout the property."
Jane Panek. Hilo, Hawai'i
"For the last 4 years, Vetiver has been holding together a 230' cliff on my property from collapsing and preventing major erosion/property loss."
Paul B.- Hawai'i
"The folks at Vetiver Farms Hawaii rappelled down the cliff and planted several rows of Vetiver grass in the swale area perpendicular to the fall line. As the grass grew, it acted like a living retaining wall, stopping the dirt from falling further and slowly rebuilding the swale area. It was a nice, green solution to the problem; we no longer have erosion in the area and dirt no longer falls onto our property. I have been extremely happy with both the Vetiver solution as well as the skill and integrity of the people at Vetiver Farms Hawaii. I recommend them highly."
Marion S.- Hawai'i
" I recently had the extreme pleasure of working with Jason Fox, the owner of The Vetiver Solution. Not only did he and his amazing team completely transform the hillside on my property, creating a safe and stable support system that would have otherwise cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars, he was and continues to be one of the most accountable, generous, intelligent, reliable and efficient ... business owners and service providers, I have been blessed to encounter here in Hilo, Hawaii. Doing good for the world and for the community, especially in this economy is a tall, and often times impossible order. Jason Fox not only steps up to the plate...he is a living example of what I wish, all small (and big) business owners should aspire to be."
Malissa Thompson, Owner, Surf Break Cafe- Hawai'i