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Maui Shoreline ProtectionVetiver Beach Erosion Solution Beach ProtectionProperty Protection
Flood/Erosion ControlRoseanne Bars Slope Stabilization (before)Roseanne Bars (after)Vetiver System Railroad Stabilization
Historic Land Preservation & ProtectionLiving Steel ProtectionLanai LandfillOcean Cliff Protection 2 months
Next earthquake this home owner will have shock absorbers equivalent to 3.5 inch steel plates anchoring 12 feet deepSub-suface erosion mitigationVetiver SystemLandslide Protection
Stream Bank Stabilization (before)Stream Bank Stabilization (after)Landslide ProtectionVS on the Beach
Beach Erosion SolutionVetiver System Retaining Wall Vetiver System Retaining Wall  Slope Stabilization
Seasonal flood MitigationVetiver Home ProtectionCliff Stabilization Vetiver is a salt tolerant grass
Driveway Stabilization BeforeAfterVetiver Retaining WallSustainable Landscape
Flood ProtectionStream DiversionFlood Control with VetiverVetiver Farms Hawaii/Tahiti Slope Stabilization
Vetiver System ConsultingMunicipal Sewage Effluent Treatment Paul TruongSub-Division erosion controlHydro Electric Damn Protection
Before and AfterDr. Paul Truong s RaftsVetiver RaftsWaste water treatment
Waste water treatment12 foot rootsSteep StabilizationVFH Arborist at work
Livestock forage/Pasture ImprovementThe non-invasive Certified Sunshine VetiverCarbon sequstrationMinister of Agriculture and VFH team
Beach ErosionVetiver acting as a great mulch for taro
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